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My work is about relationships, and the complexity of closeness- the desire to separate from your past and return to it in the same breath.  Across a wide ranging multidisciplinary practice, I explore how the repetition of deeply iconographic imagery and motifs reflect recurring, intrusive thought patterns and an inability to move past emotional trauma. 

As a medium based in creation of the multiple, print becomes a method for creating structure. This framework, indulging a desire for order, creates space for disruption. Tedious handwork is an anxiety response, reflecting an obsessive desire for control, which is undone through woundings within the work. In a world of instant gratification, the act of sitting with heavy thoughts and repetitive processes for an extended time becomes a statement in itself, bringing that act to the content and context of the work.

This work is about the people who should be in the room, and are not there. It is about the presence of absence. A meditation on grief, the passage of time, the fleeting nature of joy, and the struggle to hold contradictory feelings simultaneously.  It is about anxiety and the lack of control, the stiff upper lip and carrying on regardless.

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