I am inhabiting a space between fully site-specific installation and a traditional understanding of individual pieces in a gallery setting. I regard each piece in my exhibition as a statement within a larger conversation, a chance to isolate an aspect of the dialogue, examine it, and place it within the context of the other works in the space. Coming from a strong background of collage, I bring the same approach of layering images to my work’s presentation. I look for ways to connect the works as I repeat themes. As a medium based in creation of the multiple, print becomes a method for creating structure. This framework, indulging a desire for order, creates space for disruptions. Building, breaking and rebuilding again, the process reflects the recalibration inherent in the search for a “new normal” as life shifts.


Using prints as modular components allows the work to inherit visual information across pieces. Pulling on the iconography of symbols and objects I attempt to frame a question-  “How can we hold extremes of bitter and sweet - forces which stand in such opposition they should not be able to coexist, and yet they do- so how do we find the balance of them?”