I inhabit a space between immersive, site-specific installation and a traditional understanding of individual pieces in a gallery setting. Each piece is a statement within a larger conversation, isolating an aspect of the dialogue, examining it, and placing it within the context of other work in the space. As a medium based in creation of the multiple, print becomes a method for creating structure. This framework, indulging a desire for order, creates space for disruptions. Using prints as modular components allows the work to inherit visual information across pieces. I am interested in how this repetition of imagery and motif reflects recurring thought patterns. 
     My tedious processes are an anxiety response, reflecting an obsessive desire to ruminate on past loss while preserving present joys. Beauty plays a strong role within my work, inviting the viewer into the space before presenting them with obsessive detail and violent imagery of wounding reflecting emotional trauma. Beauty is also an act of defiance, a way of embracing joy, and telling that lurking shadow “Not Yet.” My work draws on this conflict between grief and joy, along with subsequent awareness of the passage of time.
     Pulling on iconography and mythology, I explore the recalibration inherent in the search for  “new normals” as life shifts.  Bees represent bounty and industry, while the matrilineal structure of the hive alludes to the primacy of the mother daughter relationship. Pomegranates are loaded images, simultaneously invoking abundance and loss. Images of sky charts reflect an attempt to control an uncontrollable universe. Observatories, as places of solitude where you study the movements of the stars, reflect a search for understanding.
As I work, I attempt to frame a question- 
How can we hold extremes of bitter and sweet - forces which should not be able to coexist- and how do we find the balance of them?